So, you’re kitted out in all the right gear for winter. Now it’s time to ensure your building or scaffolding site is also fully prepared for the new season.

Winter is a dangerous time for scaffolders and any tradesperson working at height. The drop in temperature, frequent storms and icy conditions not only increases the risk of accidents, but this winter in particular there will be concerns regarding the spread respiratory illnesses.

At Leach’s, we understand that health and safety on building sites is of utmost importance. We want to make sure every tradesperson gets home safely at the end of the working day. That’s why we’ve put together these handy suggestions to prepare your work site for the colder weather.

1. Scaffold sheeting

If you’re working on a scaffold in winter, it’s likely you’ll be exposed to some quite unsavoury conditions. Heavy-duty scaffold sheeting does a fantastic job of keeping out the wind and rain, helping you focus on the task at hand.

Our recommendation: BIGBEN Superclad® Premium

Premium by name, premium by nature... this is top quality scaffold sheeting. It’s flame retardant too, and LPS1215 Certified, meaning you can trust BIGBEN Superclad sheeting to do a fantastic job of protecting workers in poor weather. We can even print your sheeting so you can proudly tell the world who built this structure.

2. Tool tethering

Cold, wet and numb hands means it’s more likely you could drop your tools, and the results can be catastrophic. Of course, accidents happen, but the right preparation can ensure that even if you do drop a tool, no one else will pay the price. Tool tethering ensures you’re attached to the tools your using, protecting those around you from that free-falling spanner.

Our recommendation: BIGBEN Scaffolders Deluxe Tool Safety Belt comes with Tethered Scaffold Tool set

This safety belt is a deluxe piece of kit. Complete with a premium set of tools including the BIGBEN Induction Magnetic Level and IMN Safety Ring Box 7/16” Spanner with Poker Handle, each tool is accompanied with high-quality corresponding frogs and tethers. We call this safer scaffolding.

3. Board clamps

When the stormy weather blows in, the last thing you want is unsecured scaffold boards that can become displaced. This is extremely hazardous and could result in a board dislodging and striking fellow workers, or misplaced footing causing falls and trips. A good set of board clamps will ensure your scaffold boards remain in place during the bad weather.

Our recommendation: Board Retaining Clamps

Scaffold boards can be quickly and securely locked in the correct position with these Board Retaining Clamps. With considerable resistance to both lateral and upward movement, we highly recommended their use in wintery conditions.

4. Lighting

Winter brings with it shorter days. That means many on-site workers may start and finish the day in almost total darkness. Adequate lighting is imperative to ensure hazards are highly visible, and to keep workers alert when the light fades.

Our recommendation: BIGBEN Scaffold Lighting

BIGBEN’s innovative lighting solution is designed to fit quickly and securely to all types of scaffolding and other industrial applications. It’s battery powered and provides a simple, robust and tamper proof solution to the increasing need to clearly illuminate scaffolding and construction areas.

5. Site visibility and protection

Keeping on the theme of light, when it gets darker workers could easily walk or bump into protruding joints, fittings or pipe valves on scaffolds. The challenge then is twofold: to make the hazards more visible, and provide good protection if a knock does occur.

Our recommendation: BIGBEN TuffPad®

The BIGBEN TuffPad® is a must have. Its unique new design provides a massive 48% more impact protection than any other product on the market to further reduce the risk of impact and possible injuries.

6. Infection control

As we know, this will be a winter like no other. With coronavirus in the air and the threat of another winter lockdown looming, it’s important we do as much as we can to protect workers from infection. We’ve put together a range of safety products that will help you prepare your site as best as you can, from air sterilisers to important safety signs.

If you’re looking for recommendations to get winter ready, give our friendly sales team a call and they’ll be happy to advise on a bespoke range for your needs. Call +44 (0)1432 346 890 today.

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