For much of our first 100 years, we’ve prioritised taking care of people. From scaffolders and construction workers to all tradespersons working at height, delivering the ultimate protection is what we strive to achieve. And now, we’re widening the focus to include protecting our planet.  We’ve successfully introduced products like BIGBEN Eco Scaffold Sheeting that can be recycled, we’ve bought more of our manufacturing in-house to reduce our carbon footprint and have plans to reduce the waste from our packaging.

For our 100th anniversary, we started doing something else to help us breathe a little easier – we started planting trees! 

Will you join us in helping to make a difference? With one click of a button, you can partner with us and plant a tree in our Grove.

Trees clean our air, improve the soil, and prevent water pollution

Trees provide homes and habitats for wildlife to thrive

Trees remove harmful CO2 and give back Oxygen


Here at Leach’s, to mark our 100th anniversary and signal our intent to help improve the environment, we started working with Trees for Life to plant 100 trees in the Scottish Highlands. It was such a huge success, that we are continuing that partnership to see even more trees planted!

Trees are a huge positive for our planet and we need more of them.

Trees give us life sustaining clean air. Did you know that just one tree offsets an estimated 0.3T of carbon dioxide in its life, equivalent to 732.9 miles in a standard car?

We’ll be adding to our Grove over the next 100 years as we journey towards a safer planet. And you can help...

Do you want to donate to our grove?

The trees in our grove will be carefully planted in the Scottish Highlands, where they will clean our air and create homes for wildlife.

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