As we approach the end of the year, many construction and scaffolding projects are beginning to wind down and you may be spending more time in the yard than on-site on busy projects during the festive season.

But don’t crack out the mince pies and mulled wine just yet! This period presents the perfect opportunity to tidy up your yard in preparation for the New Year. In this guide, we’ll give our top tips to ensure your scaffolding yard is in tip top shape for 2022.

1. Time to count and store your scaffold fittings

You and your team have been working on multiple projects at any one time throughout the year. That means your scaffold fittings will have been dispersed across various projects, perhaps with many fittings going missing. It’s time to take stock and ensure you’ve got plenty of scaffold fittings for the year ahead.

Leach’s Bags and Buckets 
BIGBEN Lifting Bag
Leach’s selection of bags and buckets provide the perfect storage solution for your collection of scaffold fittings. With a range of sizes and heavy-duty options, you are sure to have enough space to organise and store your equipment in the run-up to Christmas.

2. Safely palletise your scaffold tubes and boards

It’s important to keep your tubes and boards safe over the Christmas break, especially as we begin to encounter more stormy weather during the winter months. Palletising and strapping your tubes and boards will help ensure you return in the New Year with everything still where you left it.

Starter Strapping Kit
Starter Strapping Kit
The Starter Strapping Kit contains all you need to safely secure your scaffold boards and tubes on site or in transit. It comes with 1200m of 16mm strapping, 1000 fastening buckles, 1 tensioning tool and 1 trolley dispenser.

3. Protect your equipment – paint your tubes and boards

It’s important to protect your equipment from theft while it’s in use on site. Scaffold Paint is the perfect solution to mark it with your company colours or details, deterring thefts and making it easier to recognise if anything does occur.

BIGBEN® Security Identification Paint (5L)
Red painted on scaffold boards
Protect your equipment and help it stand out from the crowd with a vibrant selection of scaffold paint from BIGBEN. This is quick dry paint, drying in only 20 to 30 minutes, and is suitable for both wood and metal. Furthermore, we can make any colour of your choice, with a minimum order of only 5L!

4. Restore your rusty scaffold fittings

Sometimes, your scaffold fittings can become rusty, corroded, covered in grease or contaminated over time and with frequent use. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to restore your rusty fittings ready for the 2022.

Scaffeze quickly penetrates the area in question not only freeing all seized parts, but also lubricating them to leave your fittings in top working condition. It’s eco-friendly and safe to use, and available in a range of sized tubs depending on your needs.

Repair your scaffold boards

Your scaffold boards have been hard at work all year. It’s no wonder they’re beginning to split and need a bit of TLC. We can help.

BIGBEN® Board End Bands
Scaffold Board End Bands
Repair you scaffold boards with the BIGBEN Scaffolding Board End Bands, effectively improving the safety of your boards so you can use them for longer.

We make scaffolding safe

The scaffolding profession is a dangerous one if the right precautions aren’t taken. The festive season is the perfect opportunity to gather your equipment together back at your scaffolding yard to make sure everything is in good working order for the year ahead. Explore Leach’s range of yard equipment now, or contact our sales team on 01432 346890 for further guidance.

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