When working at height in any sector, it’s likely you’re required to wear a scaffold harness.

Our trusted scaffolders especially know the risks involved at height. There have been continued efforts to improve height safety measures in recent years, but falls from height remain one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths on construction sites. Every scaffolder understands it’s critical to be equipped with right PPE before commencing work on a project.

A scaffolding harness is an integral piece of PPE, designed to prevent you from falling while performing a task at height. It attaches to an immovable anchor point via a fall restraint or fall arrest lanyard in order to prevent the wearer from falling to the ground if an accident does occur. It’s usually the last line of defence, so you need to be confident you can trust your scaffolding harness to do the job it’s intended to.

Before you buy…

There are a varied range of scaffolding harnesses out there, so it can be hard to identify which best suits your requirements. Generally, you’d want something that’s lightweight and doesn’t restrict your movement. But the right harness for you also depends on various other factors.

Firstly, it’s important the harness has the correct weight requirements for you. If you have a larger or smaller employee, it is crucial their harness is rated for their weight. The tag should be sufficient enough to ensure it is the right size.

Your harness of choice will also need to be comfortable and have the correct fit. Harnesses can always be adjusted, but within a certain tolerance. If the employee doesn’t fit, they need to get either a bigger or smaller size so they fit correctly. If you're restricted while wearing a harness, it may be difficult to safely do your job.

Leach’s scaffolder’s choice safety harnesses

Most popular scaffold harness
BIGBEN® Deluxe 2 Point HA Design Fall Arrest Harness

Scaffold harness

Safety is paramount when working at height. You need a scaffold harness you can trust.

The new BIGBEN® Deluxe 2 Point HA Design Fall Arrest Harness is one of our most popular harnesses and is trusted by scaffolders across the UK. It delivers safety and comfort combined – the perfect match.

Discover the BIGBEN Deluxe 2 Point HA Design Fall Arrest Harness here.

Most comfortable scaffold harness
BIGBEN® Deluxe Comfort Safety Harness

BIGBEN Comfort Scaffold Harness

Comfort is crucial when working at height. If you feel restricted, it’ll be tough to do the job safely.

The BIGBEN Deluxe Comfort Safety Harness can help. It’s a premium 2 point safety harness with elasticated leg straps and additional comfort pads on the shoulders and legs for superior comfort.

Discover the BIGBEN Deluxe Comfort Safety Harness here.

Quick-release scaffolding harness
BIGBEN® Deluxe Comfort Safety Harness with Quick Release Buckles

BIGBEN Scaffold Harness with Quick Release Buckles

Safer is always better. A quick-release scaffolding harness can add an extra layer of safety to your harness.

Discover the BIGBEN® Deluxe Comfort Safety Harness with quick release buckles. This is another favourite with scaffolders and construction workers. It conforms to EN361, AS/NZS 1891.1&4 and is available in sizes XS/M, M/XL, XXL and 3XL.

You can buy yours here.

Scaffolding harness kits
BIGBEN® Backpack Harness Kit

Backpack harness kit

The BIGBEN® Backpack Harness Kit delivers height safety you can trust. It comes with a BIGBEN deluxe 2-Point Harness with either 2m Single or 2m Twin Elasticated Fall Arrest Lanyard with Alloy Scaffold Hooks, so you can clip on to your nearest anchor point.

It’s also supplied in a smart BIGBEN Backpack to keep your kit clean and tidy when not in use.

Buy the BIGBEN Backpack Harness Kit here.

The importance of regular safety inspections

When workers’ wellbeing is at stake, quality PPE and height safety equipment makes all the difference. Now you know what a good scaffolding harness looks like, but if your new harness isn’t looked after, accidents can still happen.

Before each time you put your harness on, it’s good practice to conduct a visual inspection first. Added to that, the BS EN 3655: 2004 Personal protective equipment against falls from height standard instructs users of fall arrest equipment to re-certify equipment on a 12-monthly inspection. Some textile webbing products may need to be certified every 6-months at least, or even every 3-months if being used in arduous conditions. To ensure your safety at height, you don’t just need the best scaffolding harness. You need to look after it too.

Explore Leach’s range of scaffold harnesses now, or contact our sales team on 01432 346890.

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