So, you’re in the market for a new scaffolding level.

It’s a staple of any tradesperson’s tool kit, and there is a vast range to choose from. With the array of options and features available, no doubt you’ll be asking yourself how to decide which scaffolder’s level is best, or whether any level will do.

But don’t worry, we’re here to tell you a little secret… not all levels are created equal. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you identify the traits of a top-quality scaffolder’s level.

Leach’s scaffolding level guide

Spirit levels are a vital tool in many industries, not just scaffolding. They help ensure the surface being used or installed is flat. This is crucially important in the scaffolding world as, if a scaffold structure is not level, the whole system could topple over. This could result in injuries to workers or members of the public, and no doubt creates a great risk of fines. It’s clear that choosing a quality product is critical.

And that’s not the only risk of an unlevel scaffold structure. What if tools or materials used roll off and fall onto an unsuspecting victim below? Dropped or falling tools have the potential to cause extremely serious injuries, or even loss of life. It’s imperative you can trust your equipment to get the job done safely. Here’s what to look out for:

Certified level accuracy

If a level isn’t accurate, it could mean the surface you are using or installing isn’t flat. As we’ve already mentioned, the ramifications here could be severe, including the toppling over of an entire scaffolding system.

Some levels have been designed to ensure extreme accuracy. We recommend always looking out for certified level accuracy. A good job done relies on trusting the tools at your disposal.

Easy-to-read vials

It’s all well and good having an accurate level, but if it’s difficult to interpret the results it doesn’t make the job any easier. Find a scaffolding level with easy-to-read vials so you are certain the surface or scaffold you’re working on is level.

Robust yet lightweight

Scaffolding is a hands-on job. That means a scaffolding level must be robust enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

But it’s also important to strike a balance. A robust level could be quite weighty, and you don’t want to carry the extra pounds around with you. Plus, the weightier the level, the more damage it could cause if dropped from height without a tether. Look for something built to last, but light enough to comfortably use day to day.

Make sure it’s sticky!

An incredibly useful feature when it comes to scaffolding levels is the magnetic function. A level that can stick to a piece of scaffolding offers a clear advantage to those that don’t. It allows scaffolders to make the necessary adjustments to a structure or scaffold without trying to hold the level with one hand. Two hands are better than one!

Prevent drops – can you attach a lanyard?

At Leach’s we’re real sticklers for height safety. Levels are an integral part of any tradespersons toolkit, but they are also a hazard if not handled carefully.

When working at height, dropped tools present a real risk of causing injuries to those below. It’s a serious industry issue, so when looking for a level we recommend ensuring it is able to attach to a safety lanyard to prevent it from falling. Keep it by your side. Stop the drop.

Leach's scaffolding level of choice -  the BIGBEN® Induction Level

Ok, maybe we’re biased, but the BIGBEN® Induction Level is our scaffolder’s choice scaffolder’s level. BIGBEN embarked on a thorough development process with this one, collating feedback from working scaffolders to ascertain the qualities of a premium level. The result is one of the best scaffolder’s levels on the market, in a range of colourful options to choose from. Features and benefits:

  • Guaranteed for life against magnetic failure
  • Big, bright and easy to read vials
  • Faster to work with a perfectly balanced feel
  • Beautiful design options including Gold
  • Extremely durable
  • Very lightweight
  • Certified level accuracy

    Sound good? You can purchase the BIGBEN level here, or contact our dedicated sales team on 01432 346 890.

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