On average, we encounter [1]40 unique faces during a typical day, with at least half accounting for familiar ones. Now, imagine how many new faces construction workers see on a regular working day. With construction sites booming in major cities like London, Birmingham, and Leeds, it’s hard to comprehend how many people pass these sites daily.

Children, the elderly, disabled individuals, the general public, visitors, non-construction personnel, and inexperienced workers are all vulnerable to the hazards surrounding and present on construction sites. Increased traffic, dust, and noise pollution are all well-documented contributors to these risks, and while each warrants detailed discussion, this article will focus on just one. Falling objects and debris.

The Dangers of Falling Objects and Debris

Falling objects and debris are one of the leading causes of injury on U.K. construction sites. Between [2]2022 and 2023, 561,000 construction workers sustained non-fatal injuries, with 11% accounting for being struck by moving, flying, or falling objects.  Various methods to mitigate these risks can be employed, such as installing canopies and debris nets to catch falling objects and minimise hazards both within and outside the construction site, but what about the traditional rubble chute we have all been accustomed to seeing upon any construction site?

So, what does the Rubble Chute Actually Do?

The rubble chute eliminates the necessity for workers to manually transport debris up and down the scaffolding. Instead, it promotes efficient waste management by offering a secure channel for waste disposal to be thrown into a strategically positioned skip at ground level, ensuring a safe and streamlined disposal process. It negates the risk of rubble or debris falling onto workers below or nearby members of the public.

At Leach’s, we advocate for equipment evolution to safeguard workers effectively for future generations, thereby reducing the long-term risks in the process. So, how did we enhance the conventional rubble chute?

Introducing the BIGBEN UltraTuff® 20" Rubble Chute

Well, allow us to introduce the BIGBEN UltraTuff® Rubble Chute. Unlike traditional chutes, our innovative design incorporates a ribbed structure and utilises high-quality premium linear Polyethylene material, guaranteeing remarkable mechanical elasticity. This enables the chute to absorb impact more effectively, with the ability to pop back into shape, significantly enhancing its durability.

Furthermore, our ribbed design has demonstrated effective noise reduction, contributing to the long-term hearing health of workers and the general public within the vicinity. The chute can also connect to scaffolding or window openings with ease using the handy heavy-duty fixing frame.

Revolutionary Coupling System

We have revolutionised the two-point coupling system seamlessly integrated into a reinforced rim to enable effortless assembly with the utmost safety. This coupling system, coupled with a secure hook mechanism, guarantees robust resistance and stability of the column during rubble unloading, effectively preventing breakages even under heavy loads. Additionally, the inclusion of a safety hinge ensures a secure grip on the load, eliminating the risk of accidental release.

But that’s not it!

Our BIGBEN UltraTuff® 20" Rubble Chute is unmatched in quality, durability, and safety, crafted from meticulously selected raw materials, our chutes promise exceptional performance and long-lasting durability, owing to their remarkable resistance to moisture.

We understand your time is valuable, which is why our extensive range of accessories is specifically designed to simplify and expedite installation, reducing set-up time while upholding the highest safety standards.

Commitment to Safety

Our goal is to mitigate risks and lower the troubling, non-fatal statistics currently affecting our industry. As pioneers in safety equipment, our top priority is you—the workers and members of the public.

Click here to view our BIGBEN UltraTuff® 20" Rubble Chute.



[2] https://hertstools.co.uk/accidents-in-the-construction-industry-report-2024/

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