Construction. An age-old industry that’s been around since, well, forever. From building the magnificent Great Pyramids of Giza to the manufacture of modern marvels like the Burj Khalifa, the construction industry's evolution is nothing short of mind-blowing.

The Hidden Challenges of Construction

While the end result of these structures is breath-taking, we can’t help but think that the process to get there wasn’t quite as charming. The noise and dust pollution no doubt skyrocketed with the landscape of the surrounding area looking a little less ‘picturesque’ shall we say.

As construction work booming in major cities across the U.K., we can imagine how health and safety are paramount for both construction workers and members of the public, especially when it comes to noise and dust pollution as well as the visual impact it can have on an area, but don’t worry, we have a solution…with a twist!

Introducing the BIGBEN Sound Blocker Envirohedge Acoustic Barrier

Our BIGBEN Sound Blocker Envirohedge Acoustic Barrier has been meticulously engineered to reduce noise on site by using cutting-edge manufacturing materials. These barriers have been designed to be lightweight, and yet exceptionally robust, making them easy to install, transport, and store. Their durable design ensures a long lifespan, allowing them to be used again and again, while also offering privacy for workers while they carry out their tasks. They assist with minimising the amount of dust that can be blown from the site onto the streets and passing members of the public.

Enhancing Aesthetics

We get it. Sometimes, construction sites may not look visually pleasing and can detract from the allure of vibrant cities or quant country settings, which can lead to complaints from the public about how sites can make their towns or cities look. We’ve taken this into account and have added artificial ivy leaves across the barriers to create the illusion of a large, luscious hedge which can help the BIG BEN Sound Blockers and the construction site blend seamlessly into both bustling urban and picturesque rural environments.


Introducing BIGBEN Superclad Artifical Ivy Leaf Fence Privacy Screen

This incredible sound absorption product can overlap each panel to fit any site size, with each barrier containing several eyelets, allowing simple toggle ties or zip ties to secure them in place. It’s that simple.  

We also have the BIGBEN Superclad Artificial Ivy Leaf Fence Privacy Screen which again, enables construction workers to perform their tasks without the peering eyes of passers-by being a distraction. The neatly designed Ivy Leaf covering will enhance the appearance of any site entrance, proving a fantastic alternative to black privacy netting.

Trust us, you can minimise the health and safety risks on a site, all while looking good!

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