Did you know that over 25% of injuries reported by scaffolders each year are related to poor manual handling?


Your safety is one of our main priorities, so we have put together this simple FREE Download to help you and your team have all the information needed to handle Scaffolding Boards safely.

According to the NASC Accident Statistics, manual handling is the most significant hazard within the scaffolding industry. The typical injuries reported are sprains, strains and broken bones. Although life-changing and fatal accidents related to manual handling are rare, they do happen!

That’s why it’s so important that you and your employees are well-practised in the safest and most effective lifting techniques to minimise any potential injuries.

In our FREE Download, we cover a range of topics including:

  • Manual Handling Risks
  • LITE Safety Guide
  • Kinetic Lifting Techniques
  • Handling Short & Long Scaffold Boards
  • Useful Tools & Accessories to stay safe

No matter how safe we are, there will always be risks that we might face when lifting materials and scaffold boards. While you download our FREE PDF, here are 10 Essential Lifting Techniques to help you right now:

  1. Think before handling and plan the lift
  2. Adopt a stable lifting position using kinetic lifting techniques
  3. Get a good hold on the load
  4. Maintain good posture and don't bend your back whilst lifting
  5. Keep the load close to your waist to minimise strain
  6. Avoid twisting or leaning sideways during the lift
  7. Keep your head up and look where you’re going to spot hazards
  8. Use slow, controlled movements and avoid jerking or snatching
  9. Don't lift more than you’re comfortable with and if in doubt, ask for help
  10. Don’t be afraid to put the load down and adjust if it becomes uncomfortable

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